Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gen-gen Love Story

Mabuhay! My husband and I met through one dating site called but before we met, let me tell you about our love story. One time, I was chatting online in CB site and one guy wanted to chat with me named Tom (my husband now) and I get excited as I saw his picture and he looks handsome and smart through his some information of his profile. I wanted to chat with him that time but my computer suddenly freeze and I saw the invitation chat box but I cannot reply anymore and I said to myself, “annoying.” I had decided that time to reboot my computer and when I turned on, I hurriedly went back to that site again and looked up if he was online in there and I did try clicking his name but I still had a problem. I decided to send him an email and that was on May 8, 2004 and I still remember it, funny huh? In the morning, I got his reply and I felt happy and I was hoping one day I will meet him in person. We kept sending an email for about a month and chatting online and he decided to meet me in person.
On month of June 2004 I met him in person and he visited me in my hometown where I grew up Tacloban City , Leyte Philippines . I was 21 years old that time when I met him and I will be 26 this coming October. We did not clicked for the 1st time we met since he thought I was young and he wanted to meet older than 21. When I met him on the 1st day, we talked alot and he talks about medical and makes me think he is a smart guy and I thought myself and wish “I hope this is the man for me.” We spent about 4 days in my hometown and he decided to go to Cebu and he wanted me to bring in there but I refused and I just said to him, “maybe one day we will meet again.” Before he went to Cebu, I told him, I am going to Switzerland (one country in Europe ). While he was in Cebu , he kept calling me and it seems gives me hope that one day we will meet and will be together. I did not really thought of him anymore as I thought there is no hope since we did not click for the 1st time. When the time goes by, my brother and I trying to get our Swiss visa in Manila but Tom (my husband) kept calling me almost everyday.

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