Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chi-chi- Love Story

Hello everyone! i met my hubby in Bahrain of April 2003, i was working there as OFW ( Fastfood Worker) and he was on deployment from a Navy ship USS Nimitz as beach-det.One of my fil-am friend is the reason behind of meeting an American guy, coz they work same location but different ship.At that time, im not really interested of having another ralationship, because i was still mending my broken heart from a guy whom i loved so much.The first meeting was set-up on a birthday party from a another Pilipino friend.So, when i saw him for the first time, i told myself hmmm..not my ideal man, because he's wearing eyeglasses.I was so nervous.And it took 3wks for me to decide to go with him for a dinner date ( Chili's Bahrain)but I bring my co-worker for my safety na rin..alam nyo na!!It was very fast courtship..then 3mons being MU, he filled for a fiancee visa, because he wants me to stop working and go home to my country, and i have to break my contract, so he has to pay my Air Fare.Everything was final, he has to go back in the ship while im waiting for my flight sked for PI. It was a heartbreaking separation because we dont know when we gonna see each other again.By the time i was already at home, he called me, ask how far is Singapore from my place? i told him 3hrs flight only from Manila. so he send right away money because he want me to travel in Singapore to be with him. that's the saddest part again being away from your love one, it was happen in Sept 2003..But we have a daily communication, chat, phonecalls 3-5x a day coz its free for him.And we patiently waiting for our papers to be approved. By Feb 2004, i got my packet 4, got med and interview sked buy April, then by May 14, 2004 i fly to US destination is LAX coz he was stationed in San Diego at that time, so he gonna pick me up at the airport.We've been together now for more than 3yrs blessed to a beautiful girl.

First Entry for my 2nd batch contest.

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