Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stories From Dex in Florida

I met my Husband...

I met my honey when i felt like i couldn't find a right man for me anymore, it was end of july 2006 in cherry blossom website. When i went to Davao city to start new life there, my sister advice me to try find someone in the internet who knows maybe my luck is there. But still theres a lot of games even in the internet, many guys just playing around and just looked for fun, so at first just make me disappointed. But well internet became my favorite to hanged out, i learned by my own, i really don't know much how to use computer before. I published in some dating website, many guys just came and go, some just to have some fun or just checking around.
Until that end of july, someone sent me a letter in cherry blossom website that he wanted to know me more. At first i read his letter and saw his picture i felt excited, since then we talked twice a day everyday. He first visited me last November 2006, to met my family and so we could start my fiance'e visa..
Even it was just a week visit, but it was great, we are comfortable to each other, no pretensions and no being nice and good just to like each other. We are just with ourselves,we even had a little argument on that week already he he he.. my stubbornness ha haha.. and he handled it well and thats what i love him most.
My honey is sweet, funny (he don't act his age he he),understanding and loving we have a lot in common with that and we have a lot of differences also specially we both grown up in different world, but good that we both embrace it and try to understand each others differences. I am so lucky to have him in my life, the love, the care and the understanding that he given and showed me, i couldn't' find it anywhere or to someone else. I don't have the best of things but I have a best husband, a best guy in my life.
I love you honey...


Thanks Dexie for sharing ur story this for you Dexi,

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