Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Story of Lennybabe

(1/6/2008 10:28:07 PM):
July 16, 2006 Lenny and I meet on "Thailovelinks" we first started off sending a few messages to each other. We would talk on yahoo messenger 2 times a week. But in middle of August Lenny told me stop talking to other girls and she will stop talking to other guys. So we stopped…and we started talking more 4 or 5 times per week. In October 2006 I flew to Philippines and met Lenny and her family in person. I asked her to marry me and gave her an engagement ring. I then come back home and we started talking every day for 4 hours a day. February 28, 2007, Lenny and I were married; we are very much in love with each other and care for each other a lot. August 2007 I finished with the paper work for our marriage visa. I did visit her again in October 2007. Our love grew even bigger by that visit. What can I say but Lenny and I are in love honestly the age gap,difference took me a while to get used too but our love keeps growing and growing. Despite me working two jobs Lenny and I talked daily. I fell we are both lucky in finding love, I wish many who try the same success. Marry a Filipina is not cheap but is well worth the cost.
Thank you,Lenny i love you so much,more and more each day and days to come. [ written by the loving husband from WY]


david santos said...

Excellent posting and nice photo. Thank you.
Have a good day.

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earthlingorgeous said...

awww this is sooooooooooo sweet :) love indeed knows no boundaries :) I always feel move inlove whenever I visit your page add to that the backgroun music everytime I open your page :)

bobbyboy said...

"Love is love." It's unfortunate sometimes that people forget this, or never realized it at all.

Keep reminding them what could be with an open mind and an open heart!

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