Sunday, February 10, 2008

Story of buttercup part - 2

The next days was exciting and fun. We went to several places here in my hometown. We also went to my grandparents house and he tried some local delicacies and He doesn't seem to mind eating rice and filipino dish that we have prepared for him. He was a very nice person. He doesn't only look good but he also have a good heart. He was very humble in spite of his achievement. He never brag to everyone in spite the fact that he came from an upper middle class family and i came from an average family.

Our status in life is totally opposite yet he love me for who i am and not for what he wanted me to be. Yes we have clashes sometimes but all those were forgotten for we have more fun memories together... Those bad memories are always forgotten for we have more wonderful times together to recall than to talk about those few bad times we had. Like any other couple we also have some misunderstanding and differences...But what is so amazing about our relationship is we never give up in spite all the obstacles in life we have to go through, we see to it that we keep our relationship strong. Yes he makes me whole, I am a better person because of him. I learn about humility and patient.About kindness and understanding, And about sacrifices for the sake of love...I learn all that because of him.

If i need to turn back times and i would be given a chance to change one part of my life, i will never change anything...For everything that had happen in the past made me realized my mistakes and had brought me into his arms. If money is everything this world has to offer...I would give up all that, if it means staying with him for the rest of my life.

I began to appreciate life more now that he came into the picture. I was more inspired to do better because he was there beside me supporting me and loving me without conditions. He didn't marry me because he had no options but he chooses me because it was I who makes him happy and he wanna spend the rest of his life with me...Our story was just starting, and i know for sure there will be more circumstances in life that we had to deal with. But i will never fear anything at all, i know i have his hand to hold me. To give me strength when i need his shoulder to cry on. I know no matter what may happen he will stand by me to keep me strong at times that i am vulnerable and to protect me at times when i am in harm.

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