Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fil-am stories/Felisa/Ohio

Posted by Felisa

Stories of Felisa: how we meet? This is very common like a lot of fil-american couples. I do too meet my husband online. It was august of 2003. The story is a friend publishes a profile of me on asianfriends and has my picture on my profile. I was not interested at first but my friend insists to put my profile. So the next day for some reason even if I was not honestly interested, I just go to the internet cafe and check it. And I got a lot of email from people who show interest about my profile. Believe I don‘t know why anyways, I ignore all of them except for this simple and short message from a person name Anthony. I replied to it and then the next day got a reply to him again and we ended up chatting on yahoo. We talk online everyday for at least 4 or 5 hours. We talked ’till my back hurts from sitting down for a long time. He is the only person I talked to during those whole times. We start knowing each other. More and more each day. I also learned that his mother doesn’t like him to marry any other race especially an Asian. But I’m so glad he fight for me. Then February of 2005 I receive a package from him it was the engagement ring that he sent. I was so happy of course before I even get the engagement ring, we talked of marrying already and I did not even dream of getting any engagement ring but I did. Then July of 2005 he came to met me and to marry me. We got a simple civil wedding in front of a Judge. And now we are happily living together here in Ohio and still his mom doesn’t like me. But my father in law is good and I don’t have problem with him. Also my husband's grandpa. I don’t have a perfect husband but I have a very good husband. Just an update about love story, recently mother in law is showing a good sign of liking me already. Well anyways, I am happy that through all the confusion and obstacles my husband and I are together now and living a simple happy life.
Though of course life is not perfect, we try our best to never let anything come between us. So this is my love story, thanks for reading.

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