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Fil-am stories/Mherledy/Florida

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If I will elaborate our love story detailed by detailed, you will take 3 days before u finish it. So, to cut the story short.Me and Joe met here in the Philippines last September 2006 when he had his first vacation here. I just graduated that time and decided to have a temporary job, a waitress in a bar and restaurant that time "coz" Im still waiting for my TOR. I like him when I first saw him but just ignored it and didn't able to talk to him coz I was to busy doing my job coz it's the peak season and really a lot of people. I didn't noticed that he always looking at me and like me. After 3 days of dropping by my work, he finally made his move. He asked for my number and I gave it to him without thinking twice. He started calling me then and asked me out for a date. I will never ever forget that day coz it's our first date, a great Saturday September 16, 2006. We met at Robinsons Place Manila but decided to go to the Mall of Asia since we both haven't been there. We ate lunch and watched "The Devil Wears Prada" after. Besides the fact that it was our first movie together, I love this movie coz it's good and fun to watch. I let him met my family last September 21, 2006. We went to Malabon and we have some drink, sang karaoke, ate and have fun with my family. We spent his 2 weeks vacation together. Then this day came September 24, 2006 he needed to fly back to the US. That was a really tough situation when you're seeing your loved one going inside the departure area and waving goodbye. I am out of my mind that time that I even forgot my bag with all my stuff in it including my tennis shoes, uniform at work, id's, wallet and almost all of my stuff inside the cab. My phone and my kikay kit was the only thing left in my hand. It was really a mixed emotion. We chat everyday after that. During the morning and evening for me to woke him up for work (Ph time). Then one time, he asked me what do I like a gold or a platinum? I just said platinum coz I haven't seen one yet. lol. And still wondering why did he asked me that? Then morning of October 27, 2006 while I was in an internet cafe at that time (that obviously a lot of people in there) chatting and talking through the speakers of the computer with him, he asked me to marry him? Wow! I was shocked and got shy at the same time coz everybody heard him. I was speechless. And after a minute of silence, I answered him yes but he needed to asked my parents about it coz that's what Filipino cultures are. So he just said ok no problem. When I am about to wake him up in the evening (Ph time), I asked my mom to go with me on the cafe. As soon as he was awake, he asked my hand from my mom. My mom had a same reaction as I did. She was shocked. And after a second, she said ok but she will still asked my dad about it. I know that they agreed with Joe's proposal even tough he haven't talk to my dad yet. I know my dad, whatever my mom's decision is. He will agree with it and support it. That's why we planned our wedding then. I told him that I want the wedding to be held on June 2007 "coz" aside from the fact that I want to be a June Bride, I want it to be well-planned. He just said ok . I thought he really agree on what I suggested but he really not. He told me the next morning that he want the wedding to be sooner coz June is a long way to run. I just said it's up to u and I will not gave any suggestion coz I got disappointed He told me he just want to start the spousal visa process (I know he just said that, he just want me to be his wife sooner. ) He said December is the best month for our wedding, same month of his birthday. I agreed with him. So we set the wedding December and it is really a rush. But anyways, we had a very solemn, nice and sweet wedding.

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Hello Ate Weng,
Surprise naman ako at kasama pala ang aming love story sa blog mo..Hehehe..Anyways, I am trying to be active in blogging, pag walang gawa sa bahay..Please give me more tags ate kc di ko gets ang iba..Sana din you help me learn..Salamat te..Muahh..

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