Thursday, February 28, 2008

A moment like this from kisses

  • JANUARY 28 2006- roy and i found each other in a one of the biggest Asian dating site,it was starting with hi and hello we have no idea that this is a start of our journey which lead us to the path were we are right now.with our day by day communication we find out that we have something in common and if we can't able to talk we find our selved that we missed each others company.we start us friend we shared funny jokes,we laugh,we shared plan and dreams.then,a sweet conversation turn into a romantic point of view it is like a serendipity until one day roy decide to travel here in philipines to visit me and meet my family.
  • JULY 25 2006- roy arrived here in philipines and it was his first exprince to travel in my country when i saw him in the airport i can't explain my feeling i think i was dreaming and if i was i dont want to wake that time i knew to my self that he is also excited to see me and so am i.when our eyes meet my heart beat so fast,i feel cold inside and my knees are starting to shaking i feel i will melt in a moment. he hug me so tight and feels like i can't breath im so speechless i dont know what to say, i want to talk to him but no word will come out in my mouth even to say "hello"i can even say it.i dont know what happen to me at that time.maybe because im so overwhelm with my feeling that is why im act like a weird person as well.
  • JULY 26 2006- a very unexpected moment after we visit my cousin's house and while we walking on the street going back to house i never though that he will going to ask a proposal he is so silent while he held each others hands.then,he pose for a while and he get something in his pocket "A WHITE BOX WITH A ELEGANT DIAMOND RING" (WOHHH I WAS SHOCK) we stop for a while then he looked at me and say that he wants to marry me,i was shock of course i'll never expect that he is interested to marry me.then,my tears keep falling i did'nt notice that he already put the ring in my finger then,he kiss me and whisper into my two tiny ear that he loves me so much... that he want to grow old with me ...i cant help my self not to cry but the words that he say make my heart melt AND STILL LINGER IN MY MIND .and i want to grow old with him we decide to have a family dinner in our house and that is a time to inform my family about our plan. Roy talk to my parents that he wants to marry me and bring into his country my mom and dad was shock to heard the news about our plan and also they never expect that the news that we were going to tell in about our wedding but in the end my parents gave there blessing and allow us to get married and also they are both happy for us.
  • AUGUST 08 2006- roy flown backto his country he have a lots of work waiting for him it was a saddest moment but i knew to my self that it will be a couple of month then he'll be back again to keep his promise but it is not that very easy being away from each other but i believe if there is trust,love and of course patient we can able to get through this minor seatback.and time passed very quick.
  • DECEMBER 07 2006- the moment i've waited for so long roy arrieved in the phillipines for the second time around to keep his promise im so excited to see him again and be back on each others arms.
  • DECEMBER 21 2006- finally the wait is over roy and i get married and exchange our married vow in saint jude thaddeus church here in davao was a very happy moment for us that we will going to tresure for the rest of our lives and now finally,we are one with the blessing of OUR ALMIGHT GOD AND A BLESSING FROM OUR dear PARENTS it was a simple and traditional wedding yet to be cherriest word can express how happy we are.we never expect that the internet dating site is the way why we find each other which bring us together we believe that the road we take at first is rough but not to the point were we cannot make it with the love that we shared everything will be fine,.. we believe " married life is not a bed of roses" and now we are entered in a new chapter of our lives us a married couple we are blessed to have each other and we promised that we will build a good foundation together as long us we are alive and we promised to be more patient,faithful and honest to each other while we are not in each others arms for a couple of months but once my visa will arrieved that's the time that we will be togethe forever. and live happily ever after

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