Thursday, February 28, 2008

Based on a dreams..

[Chanda wrote on Wed, 06 June 2007 07:48]How we met?'s quite a long story :d . Allow me to detail it to you :lol: . When i was in my twenties, i forgot the exact age, i had a dream. My dream was, My wedding ...the weird part was, i don't even know who's my groom. I was in my room waiting for my time to walk on the aisle. I kept asking my friends, who is my husband? i don't know him? i want to see him,just pls open the door and let me see him. But my friends won't let me. I tried to be patient waiting for the time to see him. They said that when that door will be open he's just there standing waiting for you...and yes the door did open and i saw a man standing wearing a "Barong"(name of cloth style) staring at me smiling and proud. I was shocked! I saw a foreigner, a big man with a mustache!...and then i woke up! He remained in my dream for years. I kept praying to God to lead me to the man He handpicked just for me and preserve us both until His perfect time. On the other part,when my husband was about 9 years old,he asked God for a wife.I can't imagine a boy asking God for a wife!lol..He asked God, Lord tell me what her name is so when time comes I'll be able to identify her. God remained silent...But one afternoon,he had a dream. He dreamed that he's with an asian lady. She was smiling to him and he believes that in that dream that lady was so special to him.He woke up and that lady remained in his mind.
Years pass,he had 5 Asian relationships coz he believed that his wife will be asian (but no sexual thing :d ). About me,i never had any relationship,just kept on praying for my man that God will protect him from any harm and wrong relationships. I made a commitment to God that I will only marry at the age of 30-33..if i'm still single at 34,maybe it is God's will for me to remain single and i will accept that...And i will only marry if i'll met a man who will courageously pursue my heart and never give up despite of any circumstances. When i was 30, enjoying my single life, God plant loneliness in my heart and that my heart starts longing for someone. That time too Gary was seriously asking God to show him his future bride coz he wanted to get married. Until one day i got a call from my bestfriend that her sister gave my e-mail add to her officemate. She knew that i don't like being paired to a foriegner. When i checked my e-mail,i recieved a message from him,he wanted to be friend of me,so i said yes why not. I learned that he was 6 and a half years younger than me,So when i knew that he is younger than me i lie low ..but he kept on writing, I had so many alibis as if in work and all, "he never give up on me". 2 weeks exchanging e-mails then i asked his picture, When i saw his picture..i turned off again coz i don't want a man with moustache as in many times i run away from him...but i wonder why he never gave up. He told me that he saw already my pictures through my friend.I'm confident coz i know i am pretty at that pictures kept on writing and texting me until one day he asked if he can courted me. My first reaction, I don't like you! But i felt the need to bow before God and pray and lift up to him all my fears. I'm afraid of foreigners,If we get married then, he's people will be my people, i will speak english all the time lol and worst, i will leave my family. .. I hate long distance relationship. But God spoke to my heart. He assured me through His WOrd in Isaiah 27:3 that He is our God who will watch over us, water us continually and protect us day and night so no one will harm us. I trusted the word of God and i allowed him to court me. 2 months of courting, i was growing to like and love him,pero sigurista pa rin ako kc i wanted to give my heart to the man who deserve it. I told him one day na icut muna namin ang aming communication for 30days and i invite him na together we will seek God and His will for us in prayers. He made it clear that he's courting me as a wife!, not a girlfriend. So very serious.... He agreed with me na no communication for 30days and we spent our time to God in prayers. All throughout 30 days, God used His word,other people and even circumstances to speak to my heart that Chanda the door is now open..and I remembered my dream. I remembered that it was him standing at the door smiling and proud waiting for me. I cried for joy and after 30days he called me and i accept his love for me. After one year,he came here in the Philippines and married me. We were very happy and fulfilled. One day i asked him, why he never gave up?..and he simply answered me, remember when i was a boy i asked God for a wife and i asked God her name? God never told me her name, but he showed me the picture..You were the woman i saw in my dream smiling at me and were so very happy, that's why i never gave up! haaaaayyyy!!! I wish you're enjoying my love story sorry it's too long.....Now, I'm looking forward to be with him as i am patiently waiting for my interview on July 13. Indeed, God is the Author of our Romance.. He is the only man for me, my first love, first kiss, first


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