Friday, February 22, 2008

Fil-am stories of Syvil and Mark

When he got internet access at home he bought "webcam" for me to see him. As we got to know each other very deeply by chatting everyday I told him my concern about trusting hard on men because of my past failed relationships. But he told me he will spent his life proving his sincerity. Which he never failed to do to this day. He introduced and let me talked to his brother thru voice chat. As well as also introduced me to his parents seein me on webcam. That's where he swept me off my feet. For the first time I felt my fears and doubts had vanished. Every word he said don't give me a single thought of a doubt. 'Twas the first time I had a complete trust to a man despite the distance. Since that day I had first chatted with him I always woke up with a smile on my face. We both can't stand a day without chatting. Even if how tired he is from working 12 hours a day he would not sleep till he can chat with me. He just doesn't know how he really touched me with those deeds. He made me feel I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. With the 12 hour difference, sometimes I had to wake up early hour in the morning to chat with him so as not to missed a day chatting with him. That is to let him feel he deserves my time and attention.
We talked about getting married and both agreed we'll decide till he was here to make things sure if we'll still liked each other in person. As for me marriage is a lifetime commitment. I don't want to end up regretting for rushing on things.
For over six months of chatting everyday I had finally waited his arrival at the airport on Nov. 8, 2006. I don't know how to explain it but while waiting for him I don't feel even just a little nervous. I supposed I would since it would be the first time I got to see him. What I felt that day was I am only waiting for someone I have known for long. Well maybe because we chatted for almost 7 months. As I saw him got off the plane I could not believed how he looked more handsome than on webcam. His face were glowing. I can see the happiness on it. When we hugged it was liked I hugged someone I did missed so much. Strange but true.

He stayed for 15 days and those days I'm with him were a total bliss. For the first time in my life I felt complete. 'Twas like the empty part of me was filled. 'Twas the first time I felt everything was right in my world. My happiness that time was undescribable. All I knew in my heart I have found the man I would gladly spent the rest of my life. The man God sent me to enjoy the beauty of His love. We attended mass together to thank God for giving us each other. As we believed from the start God destined us to be together forever. We both prayed for his continues blessing and guidance in our relationship.
At night while he sleeps I would stare at his face and could not help to wept silently because of joy. I can't believe how God would bless me so much with the kind of man I got. He possessed all the qualities of a man I need in my life. He is just made perfect for me. He is like an angel sent to protect and love me. He made me feel rich by his love. He is just an exceptional man. It never crossed to my mind I will find the man I thought before only in my dreams existed. But I have him now. I could not thank God enough for him. If before I shed tears because of pain, now it is because of joy.
Before he left he did something that brought me into tears. He handed me his debit/credit card which I never thought he would do. I could not believed it so I asked him "Do you trust me this much?" He answered, "In my heart, mind and soul you are already my wife. And what is mine is yours." That really moved me. He was always like that. Never failed to show me how much he loves me without condition from the day I met him online. I am overwhelmed by his love. On my part I did my best to be worthy of his love. To not break his trust. My only goal is to make him happy. Because his happiness is mine. He is worth my love and life. I could not wait to be with him again so I can show him how much he means to me. How much I love him. And how much joy he brought to my life.
When he went back home I felt sad for we will be apart for months. But till to this day we never failed to let each other feel our love and devotion despite our distance. We both know our happiness will be complete when we will be together forever fulfilling the dreams that we made after my visa is approved. I could not picture out myself without him anymore. He is my sweetest blessing and the only man I would give my love and care for the rest of my life.
I have learned that true love has no boundaries. That God will continue working in amazing ways in each people's lives. He deserves to be praised all the time. I offer to Him the joy that I felt in my heart. To God be the glory.
And to my sweetest blessing - Mark, I will never trade you for anything in this world. Words are not enough to express how much I truly love you. How much tears I shed because of the joy you brought to my life. I vow to spend the rest of my life just loving you because you are worthy of it. I will love you till the end of time! I thank God for you!

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