Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Filipina labeled willingly mail-order-bride?

I joined and read a lot about Filipina, Its sadden in my part. That some men don't understand, why we need to marry a foreigner thru online dating.They labeled as a "filipinas willingly mail-order-bride just like they send us thru Fed-ex or Ups...they thought we just after our green card and green money. Get real? you know? Life in Philippines is very hard doesn't mean, we just accept our fate and our losing hope for our future generation.Thats why? We looked for better life and a life with full of smiling faces towards other not that always looking sad, because even jollibee we can't afford to buy? Get real man of the world? We are here in the foreign land not just by sex, but we are here to love and take care of our dearly beloved husband.Even they are so older than us 20's , 30's,40's who knows right? But if you do lived day by day under the same roof,I am so sure you will find love in your heart? (except if the heart is made of stone or con-artists in the first place) you will learn to loved this person and take care of him for the rest of his lives (That is Filipina way).Because not all "filipina" is losing their gratitude. I won't put down on some "Filipina" did bad things also to their husband like cheating their husband. I know this mostly the reason example; A. they fall in love with the first time in their life. Because, whoever will be fooled that these women's married to 60's ages, believe they will in love with their husband that their husband is 60's older and these woman is in their 20's get real? Don't be a jerk? Don't categorized or labeled all "Filipina" women some are great wives, some are loving and dedicated wives, some are very faithful even their husband cannot perform their duty in bed.They are faithful because they have a pure heart a heart that the foreigner man fall in love with! why? because nobody in this country that they will take care of their old man, they will put them in nursing home and somebody will take care of them. See you can't blame them? why they are hooked up to "Filipina heart" we are not only beauty but a heart of gold. Char-char....walang kokontra ang kokontra pangit? ha ha ha


Mom of Four said...

MInsan, pangit na ang reputasyon nating mga filipina because of other pinays who marry Americans, then they will cheat on them.
I married my husband because I love him, we have 3 children together, I take care of him. I guess, that's also the reason why white men are looking for filipina wives, kasi, maasikaso tayo..
Majority of the older men here, they need companion, that's why they look for filipinas, someone who would take care of them..one who will not take them to nursing home to die..you know what i am saying?
Have a great day to you..

simplyjacy said...

We can't blame them if they started labeling us like that. That reputation must've developed because of what the previous Filipinas did some time ago. But things have changed and not everyone are like that.

You are right, these men are lucky to marry a Filipina. We care less of ourselves and we sure put our marriage and family on top of our priorities.

Allen's Darling said...

Thanks , for your comment i appreciated it. ty

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