Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 Reasons why Some Filipinas Marry an Americans

"10 reasons why SOME Filipinas marry an Americans"

NOTE! this message written one of Filipina don't take it seriously."


1.) Because they want an easy way out.
They feel hopeless living in the
Philippines that's why they just want
to get the heck outta there.

Ans. Who care as long my hubby & me understand each other. Plus the benefits of living here in the states.Who cares as long i didn't bug anyone.

2.) Because they are ugly. Filipino
men tend to have higher standards when
it comes to beauty than most American
men. Some Filipinas couldn't get a
filipino guy that's why they end up
marrying Americans.

Ans: Who care whoever you are "are you jealous" i pity on you! ( i have i high paid paying job in Philippines laugh at you girl)

3.) Because they think when they come
in the US, they will be the center of
attraction. It's so funny when some
filipinas really think of themselves
highly and that in the eyes of
Americans, they are the most beautiful
women in the whole world.

Ans: Of course "Because we loved each other and you don't have one browns eyes" lol. My hubby called me my sexy filipina wife thats why he make an account on my yahoo messenger name his name Allensexywife thats because i am his center of his universe just kidding life of course.

4.) They got pregnant by some filipino
punk and got ditched! Well, Americans
really don't care if the filipina has
a love child. Atleast that's what some
idiot filipinas think.

Ans: Ha ha ha ha you're sick! not all "filipina" married to an American had a love child?
maybe you are....lol. To tell you the truth i am a Virgin , when my hubby married me at the age of 27 ( thats how i keep myself preserved to the man i will vow down to love and to hold now and forever this day and the day comes. And of course i can't say that i am ugly coz when i was just 12 , i started to have a bf...i played with them lol i got 4 bf at the same time...i'm not kidding. So whats your problem girl? get a life move on don't keep living in your morbid past!!!

5.)Because they're not anymore
virgins! Again, Americans are very
open minded about things and virginity
is not a big issue whereas Filipino
men care about it a lot.

Ans; Who care anyway...As i mention above i am ? I care myself because i have my belief that if you know how to take care yourself , you know how to take care also your relationship in the future. I remained clean to the extent that my past bf...before called me names that i am a frigid. What the heck? i don't care what they say? Men always wants to get what they want and it depend on you? But i don't condemned the filipina if they give away their precious virginity because they are just in love. Thats the truth? no matter what they say in love woman do some crazy stuff you know? have you heard that too much love will kill you? thats it?

6.) Because they want to come in the
Land of the free and the home of the
brave.. They look at US as if it's

Ans; Of course,where are you? when i don't have food to eat? so don't judged everybody anyone is entitled to his/her opinion.,for me U.S.A is a Dream Come true.

7 .) Because of the green money..
DOLLARS! So, they could work and send
money to their family back in the

Ans; Of course "Idiot" of course we love our loved one's that's why we send them green money. If we can buy the whole united states and send it thru fed-ex i will of course. Thats how i love my family lol.

8.) Because marrying an American makes
them feel important. I hate it when a
filipina who's married to an American
acts like her sh*t doesn't smell as
awful as some filipinas who are
married to filipinos.

Ans; What's your problem girl ? Get a life ? leave your real jerk lovers? hehhehee

9.) Because they LOVE the guy.. But, I
really do believe that SOME filipinas
didn't feel that way at first..

Ans; And who care everybody do it nowadays. And anyway,love grows in no time. Love Moves in a Mysterious Ways by Nina lol.

10.) Because they want to have mestizo
babies that they can show off.. they
think that fil-am kids are superior
than pure bred Filipino kids.. not
true at all..

Ans; Of course but we are just a mother's always proud of their children. Ha ha ha i pity you,dreaming hahhaa but even i don't have brown eyes to show off , not this time but in the future maybe....or i will adopt brown eyes just to show off? Are you envy? Please don't be just get real? and moved out your butt here i shame on you. You have no guts, no guts no glory at all.

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Gles said...

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DanaDebbie said...

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I still remember so well that you asked for our love story, and we politely declined due to a very personal reason. We have a stalker who reads our blog everyday and we won't give her the satisfaction and joy of giving a personal info about us... Thank you!


Mom of Four said...

well, all I can say is..whoever wrote that stuff, maybe can't get an american husband..
I am married to American, I have a 100%filipino child..So? They can say whatever they want to say until bubbles come out of their mouths..When you're happy, you're happy. To heck with the envious filipinas who cant catch nice handsome blue/brown eyed men..
Good day to you..

Foreign-Marriages said...

Hi debs sorry i missed my links. Sorry to hear the bad news.About ur stalker...anyway take care just be careful feeding some info about ur life address etc.

Hi Gless

Yes gless u can do it anytime...

Hi Mom of four

thank you for ur comments. What can i say...hehehee -

thank you so much

genny said...

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Anyway,hubby and I love it so much for the whole world to know about our love story, it's just that....we're being cautious...there's someone out there wanting to know everything about our private life...Sorry too Weng!

But anyway, which blog of yours that I haven't added yet?

Take care and happy blogging!

Debs :)

JeFf &NoVa said...

hallo allen dear,

hmmmm... thanks for sharing this, i don't agree i mean, all of what they answered about this uy...this just makes me smile... hahahaha

Allen's Darling said...

Hi spernova dear thanks for leaving a note...

Good day to you dear about what u said u don't agree w/the answer its my own opinion yung nababasa mo na sagot dun based on my life experiences yun at may point of view but that 10 reasons why filipinas married an american is from my bulletin board long time ago (i don't know who said that) sagot ko lang yan sa nag-post dun hehehhee....anyway you can also answer to that question just buzzz me so that i can add your link to my paged. thanks and sorry its late...busy kc si ako yesterday hehehee Have a nice day and God bless...

Hi debbie

Don't worry dear hehee ill understand.

God bless just make extra careful na lang oki.

Thank thank you so much for always visiting my paged.

See you

Anonymous said...

Hi Te weng, I added all your blog to my new blog Pinay in States

Add me also into all of your blogs... Thanks!

Nova said...

okay my dear, i'll try to do this but for now, as you can observe busy busyan pa ang beauty ko eh.. but i will get back here and grab this ASAP!

happy weekend

Jhona said...

hello sis musta na?

btw, tagged u here..

Anonymous said...

Hi SweetySexy! This post caught my attention. I also want to comment about your post.

1. It varies... Not all but most filipinos are dying to escape the country especially newly grads who are dreaming of earning more and getting broad job experience. Marrying foreinger is also one way not just finishing college but marrying foreigner is an alternative to reach your foreign dream.

2. This is the just what I observe. Asian man care about vanity and beauty example to that are Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese and korean. We cant deny the fact that people who has dark complexion likes fair hence yellow race believed that "white is beautiful". The whiter the higher status in society. We say that beauty is in the eyes of beholder. So whatever face you have as long as your human you someone will love you back if it is written in your destiny.

3. If you think your pretty you are pretty. If you think your ugly, you are ugly. What I mean is possess confidence in whatever you do.

4. This is one thing I like about American man. They like to do charity. This is their character traits that cannot be seen in most filipino man who will interrogate your past. Well, lucky for unwed pinay who found a care center for her out of wed luck children. Somehow, this kids can go abroad and meet a father better than an irresponsible filipino father. Thanks to American! Bravo!

5. I'm also a virgin but whether foreigner or filipino I want to surrender that to my husband. I dont care about the race. I care about my purity. Yah, foreigners dont care for the piece of shit but when I gave that to my husband he was speechless. For him, flirting with girls he doesnt want virgin but wife image he prefer virgin. He feels fragile and not sinful hahahaha!

6. No doesnt mean going abroad is easier than being in pinas. In pinas I feel queen because I have a maid. Here, I'm not a maid but I need or MUST learn all those stuff because there is no maid culture here. Its not easy to learn new things and its not easy to study peaople culture...no no its not easy!

7. Speaking of money yah, abroad is an avenue to earn more. We cant deny that fact.

8. Of course there are advantage marrying a foreinger. Like VISA, PR, changing surname ex. if your surname is PLATO, you want a better name right? to get rid of the bullying. So you marry PLATE oh divah bongga!

9. Hmmm I believe in karma. If you take advantage the more you'll be taken advantage. If your purpose its just for love, you'll get more than love but also respect and acceptance.

10.speaking of mix raced kids. Yah, they have a more edge than the pure ones. But not only outlooking makes up the kids character but also the foundation of the parents relationship. Ex. the boy looks american but no father hahaha that's pityful compared pure filipino, flat nose and brown complexion but inside and sheltered in a loving family. Who do you think has a moral?

Allen's Darling said...

yes,dear watanabe

Exactly,I voted ur insight about Virginity too.We are the same....me i am flirt and play-girl before but i cover my "V" hahahaha because i said to myself over and over again that if i give in? what if? he doesn't marry me? I lost my treasure already to that man. Then i will feel less to myself..Right? So if ever somebody come along i will just lie down and lie down. So maybe i count the men in my life no more....laugh... Kudos for us, we just got lucky because we treasure our self to the man we vowed to marry....bravo to all the virgins.

Joops said...

I am an american and I'm happily married to a great filipina wife and have two awesome kids.
I've heard these reasons before. Some I've heard from filipinos and some I've heard from americans.
Usually these comments come from unhappy and unsatisfied people with very closed minds. Envy and jealousy is always around waiting to pounce.
I thinks kids are kids. I've travelled the world and one thing that I've found to be amazing is that kids, no matter where they live or what type of situation they are in, are still kids. Kids are awesome, regardless of race. What makes them different is what they are taught by adults as they grow up.
I've lived in the Philippines and I know the situation that many women must endure on a daily basis. The choices are limited at many times throughout their lives and if they decide to marry a foreigner, good for them. Especially if they already have kids because the kids must come first.
There are filipinas that marry for the wrong reasons and later in life things go wrong and they regret their choice but this can happen to any woman in any country, not just the Philippines.
I love my filipina wife and I love my "Fil-Am" kids. We truly have a perfect life together.
Very nice Blog.

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