Sunday, June 1, 2008

My dear friend is so unhappy

She is so unhappy right now because she had been into a relationship online of a man for 3 years talking online.But the man suddenly having a cold feet and told her that he can't come to the Philippines after the first attempt of getting her a tourists visa she is a very dear friend of mine.I know her since when i start knowing about how to use the computer.Meaning talking a man online putting all your pictures in any website.She starting talking online ahead of me because she lived closer at the Internet Cafe.It so sad for me also that she didn't find her true happiness and she's there in the Philippines right now.Because she really want to be here in the states.Thats her dream to come here since the internet started booming in the Philippines.Me and my other friends here on the states but she left there hanging on her dreams to come here.She is a very kind hearted person,very simple and down to earth.She just graduated her degree and now lately her boyfriend online die of diabetes,thats what iv'e heard today i got email from her that she is still grieving from him even they online have an online relationship i am so sad for her because she is a dear friend to me...she is so unhappy right now.

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designs by vhiel said...


did you finally get the email i sent you?


gen2507 said...

hey there.. sorry haha busy ako palagi kakainis kc marami akong opps sa PPP kc nagkrank then sites ko at saka asawa ko at ako, travel sometimes nong weekend pumunta kami sa Chicago hahay dyos ko nakakapagod din pero masaya naman kahit we walk around in Chicago for about 8 hrs. to explore the place ohh.. so tiresome talaga as in hehehe... thanks for living a msg. to me. I have forgotten to send you my love story of my hubby and I hahaha my love story is like a fairy tale I wanted even to write a novel of it hahaha! pwede pa ba ako sasali? haha I hope I will win then para naman matry ko Mary Kay products haha I haven't tried their beauty products yet haha! ano pala email mo? gonna send my love stories tonight or tomorrow, promise na ito haha!

gen2507 said...

sali ako ha? hahaha mataas story ko hahaha, san ko isend? para masaya naman, I hope I will win! haha lol

Imelda said...

Sis, i was here. i like reading the love stories. i will be back here again to read some.

I dont have a good love story to write, but failed love stories i have, hehe.

Maria said...

add ko na din ito!

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