Saturday, May 17, 2008

Story of buttercup

We first met through yahoo, we started to chat and get to know more about each other. Never in
We first met through yahoo, we started to chat and get to know more about each other. Never in my wildest dream that i expect that our relationship will blossom and we will fall in love with each other...Everything that happen in our lives were unexpected. I guess it is destiny that brought us together. He came into my life at an unexpected time and place...Something that is so amazing when i think about those years i was praying and wishing that someday ill meet the right person.

I began to appreciate him more when he started to expressed his feelings and surprised me by sending me white roses and perfume. It was an unexpected gift and i never even thought he was that sweet and romantic. I knew that he had a good sense of humor and a very intellectual person, but i never thought he is also that thoughtful and romantic. I will never forget that day since the first Filipino dialect that he learn and written on the card is maganda....It really did touched my heart when i read it.

He began to show his interest on me and eventually he started sharing with me his dreams and ambitions. Then he decided to meet me in person. The first time i meet him it was a mixed emotions of happiness and fear. Happiness coz i will finally meet the person whom I have learn to love and care for this past couple of months. Fear because i wanted things to work out fine and I wanted to keep our friendship no matter what may happen after our first meeting...The moment he went out and was looking for me at the domestic airport. I started to feel tense but i tried to control my emotions and pretend that i am not actually feeling anything at all lol He smiled at me and hold my hand and then as i was talking i feel a sudden relief as he started to appreciate what i wear that day...He make me feel comfortable like it was not the first time we met in person. He right away greeted my parents and gave them a handshake. They talk for for a couple of minutes till we decided to take him to the hotel where he stayed for a week.

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