Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pinay Stories

I don’t have anything against prostitutes. Though, I would be a hypocrite in saying that it’s a dignified way to live, as well. There are times when I would envy them, especially when it comes to the shopping part (just go to Glorietta and you’ll know what I mean). Imho, the body is still sacred. Okay, okay, okay – I know this may sound surprising coming from someone who’s gotten laid a hundred times (I’m exaggerating, of course). But self-respect is something that’s hard to regain nowadays. And I guess, it’s easier to stomach the fact that I got laid because I wanted to and I was damn horny rather than saying that I got laid because I wanted to buy a new cellphone.

I know a few prostitutes or professional escorts, as what they’d rather call themselves. I once did a thesis on the subject and together with my male buddy went to Mystique in Quezon Ave.

It was an experience to be blamed for my bisexual tendencies. Women who were referred to as models complete with the model number, walked the walk with utmost confidence and struck poses in all their naked glories (or lack thereof). Some were too young, some looked like Japan rejects and some looked like they were better off working behind a counter in Jollibee.

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Nedekcir said...

The oldest job in the world. Sa hirap ba naman ng buhay sa pinas, kaya kung may hitsura doon sila. Happy weekend weng!

earthlingorgeous said...

Yeah it's a sad reality. Poverty drives women to prostitution and well it's just the law of supply and demand nobody will go in that business if there's no clients diba. haaaaaay

Rosemarie said...

hi weng please do add my other blog yes u right weng talagang madami ng prostitution dito sa PI

unbittch said...

Hi. Thanks for linking to my post. It really is a sad reality for us, Pinays. Probably the Filipinos are becoming more and more obsessed with material things and getting ahead of the rat race. But there are things that should never be compromised. Can you also add my blog to your blogroll? Tnx! - aria

bobbyboy said...

You know, I've seen prostitution in a few countries first hand including the Philippines. As I try my best not to judge anyone, I am actually friends with a few "Working ladies." I have found for the most part they are the same as anyone else, but made some different decisions than others have. The only thing that I choose to judge is the wrongness of someone underage being a prostitute and those that allow it to be.

When it comes down to it, we are all really one people in this world.

Thanks for sharing this!

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