Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just noticed...

I noticed that some of the foreign comes to our country "Philippines" they think that our country is the best.They like the pretty "pinay"calling for them wait for the taking.I was saying these because i got many..many..googles alert and its all about "pinay love stories" some of it having good time and fun to their lives.As in they are not having fun as healthy fun as having a private happenings too.I just noticed that foreigner from other country except Philippines.They think that maybe they can do it,easy to our country because some of our fellow "filipina's"tagged to be easy to get and easy to forget."ha ha ha because no one or nobody can make a very bad impressions of "pinay" if nobody is easy to get and easy to get laid to...Its the sad part of our country.We know,we can't control them...and...many of us wanted to have a better future, they gamble and making the big risk decision of their life.I'm just sorry i can't help our country fellowmen but i can only pray for them and changes their outlook in life.Be confident and love yourself before doing something that you will regret the rest of your whole life.


bobbyboy said...

My trip to the Philippines was a great experience. I found the people to be some of the friendliest in the world. Filipino's are a very proud people and rightfully so.

I had no problems with anyone even when I went to Zimboanga. There is of course good and bad in all countries, but I always recommend to anyone to go to the Philippines. I'll be going again for sure!

earthlingorgeous said...

hmmmmmmm...yeah I heard they think Filipino women are the best compared to the women in their own country. I wonder what do the women in their country treat their men and why?

bobbyboy said...

"I wonder what do the women in their country treat their men and why?"

Well, in the USA, there is a mix of people. I think maybe guys who say this about Pinays, say the same thing about Thai and other cultures as well.

I think there may just be cultural differences that some guys enjoy from outside their own country. Also, laws are different in western countries as compared to Asian countries when it comes to marriage etc.

Maybe these are part of the answer?

US EMBASSY IN MANILA INFORMATION U.S. Embassy Consular Section Non-immigrant Visa Unit 1201 Roxas Boulevard Manila, Philippines 1000 From U.S. Call: 01163-2-523-1145 then ask for extension 8 then ask to speak to someone in the immigrant visa section. U.S. Calls Only Taken Between the hours of 8:00 am to 10:00 am only. From Philippines Call: (02) 528-6300 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm only Fax: (2) 523-1215 "From Philippines" E-Mail: NBI- tel# 523-82-31 to 38 NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines * Pinay" needs help..." Domestic Violence I