Monday, May 12, 2008

Gen-gen last journey

On month of Oct. 2004 after the wedding of my sister, on the next day, somebody calling and I thought that was my sister’s friend and they are speaking in English as my sister has Hungarian and Malaysian friends. So, I did not bother to asked her who she talking with. On that day, my sister told me that we are going to meet her husband’s friends and to have some coffee drinks somewhere. I told my sister, I am not going since I was tired of her wedding or helping cleaning up but she resisted me to go with them. So, I decided to go and she said to me I need to wear nice clothes (ha-ha) and I remember it was raining that time and windy and when we arrived in Schweizerhof hotel I was looking around but there is nobody there and I thought we are going to drink coffee with my husbands friends and while we were waiting, I saw a guy look like Tom and I said to myself “he looks like my boyfriend” and he was walking towards me and I was really surprised as he said “hello baby” (what? is that you?) I cannot really believe that time my sister kept secret on me by not telling me that Tom is coming over to visit me. When I saw him in the hotel, I was really surprised and that was the happiest moment that I never forget and he did proposed to marry me and then the 5 of us did go to have a drink and he carried me and that was fun. Since I met him the 1st time I liked him already and we met on the 2nd and I had feelings for him and the 3rd time I met him, I fall in love with him and I cannot resist to say “I love you too and I do” by the time he proposed to me.
On Nov. 11, 2004 my brother and I went back to Philippines and waiting my fiancée U.S visa and by the time I was waiting my visa, my husband visited me again on Feb. 2005 in Philippines . I arrived here in U.S.A on May 2005 and I am over 3 years now living here in the States. We have been married 3 times and 1st time in Las Vegas on May 2005, 2nd wedding in Sunken Gardens Florida , 3rd time in Philippines . My husband and I currently residing in Florida, USA and married for over 3 years now, happily married, we travel sometimes anywhere here in the States and anywhere in the world, no kids but planning to have 2-3 kids. There is nothing more that I can ask for as I am married to a man whom I love and to spend my life with and it is nice to be loved somebody who cares about you. Thanks for reading my long true love story. May God bless us all and you may find the man/woman that you are looking for. Wish you luck and happiness. Be happy!

-Ist-Gen-gen-Love Story
-2nd-True Love comes along

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