Saturday, March 1, 2008

LesLie Love Story I Aussie

Well i met my husband accidentally in "Adriatico" cafe where us is celebrating my cousins b-day.He sent us a mango drink for all of us,the waiter said "there's someone wants to give this drink to you guys"and when we ask who is it from the waiter point his finger to him and he wave his hand to us,so my cousin invite him to join us in a table,and he come and sit at our table.he said his alone "coz" they had fight with his girl friend,from Marikina,then we enjoy the night coz it all become freeeeee.He pay for everything and he ask our phone number,cell number,when i come home the other day from work i received a text message from him that he invite me for dinner at Philippine Westin Plaza Hotel. Where he stay,of course its free so me and my cousin go there,and thats the start of getting to know each other,he say that he like me and want me to be his friend and i said yes no problem,but i ask about his girl friend first, he said that we split yesterday (waaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's the word comes from me)and when he back to Australia he call me almost everyday,sometimes its twice or 3x a day.and one day he call me and said will you want to marry me?and i said is it a proposal hahahahahahahah...he said yesssssssssss,and i say yes tooooo.... waaaaaaaaaaa....and he come back again here in Philippines and gave my engagement ring at the same,we went to bar where we met and we got married last April 2006,it was Easter Sunday and now we live very happy here in Melbourne,Victoria.AU,and blessed with a very handsome baby boy...we promise to stay and love each other till the end...

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