Saturday, February 9, 2008

TrUE Love comes along

When my older brother and I in Switzerland on Aug. 2004, Tom decided to visit me in there on month of Sept. and I was happy and felt excited knowing that he will be going to meet me again. By the time he was in Switzerland , he did call me and told me that he lost his passport and I was sad and only to find out he was joking on me. We were together for about 7 days and roamed around some tourist attractions in Switzerland like having a guide tour going to Mount Santis , Luzern, having a tour in Appenzell, chocolate factory, roaming around in Bern , Zurich and took alot of pictures and interesting panoramic view or interesting tuff. We had great fun together but we did not click yet that time and I was thinking “this guy, do not know what he want’s in life” and I asked him directly, “who am I to you? just a friend, a girlfriend or what? And he wasn’t sure what to say, so I did not forced him what he will be going to answer. He left Switzerland and we had good time roaming around and visiting great places in Switzerland . While I was there, he still kept calling me everyday and I asked him “why you kept calling me?” and he told me “I liked talking with you.”
About 1 month passed by, he still kept calling me. One Tom called me and told me that he cannot call me for about 2 days as he is going to Miami and I said it is okay. On that time also my sister asked her cell phone and said to me she wanted to use the cell phone and “its okay as Tom will not call me for couple of days.” One day, he called my sister and he told her that he is coming to meet me during my birthday but he said to my sister that she should not tell me as it is just a surprise. My sister told her friends, her husband and my older brother and that was their secret that he is coming but she never told me and never thought that he will visit me for the 2nd time.

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