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Last week of July 2004, I'm just at home, watching " Kris and Korina" show (one of the ABS-CBN shows)that time when I heard the postman beeping at our gate, but I just ignored him, rather, I just stayed at the couch and relaxing while watching TV, and so my mom whom already outside was the one who picked up the letters. After a few minutes, my mom handed me the USPS mail that said, it's from Michigan, USA, so I opened it and started to read the letter, I thought my sister was the one who throw in my information to this guy but no, he found me at one of the dating website called "", enclosed photos from him which at first glance, I found him attractive. I was amazed by his looks, he's wafo"handsome means wafo", "over excite means kilig"kilig to the bone sad ko that time, and strangely, I have this feeling that I wanted to talk to him right away, so I went online and was looking for him on msn messenger, by then we started chatting and begun to know each other more, he a family oriented man, God fearing and lovable enough to drive me more to him. We've been drawn to each other as the time goes by.

On the first week of August 2004, it was one of the usual time he would call me, but I felt some excitement during this time, suprisingly, he proposed on the phone, I felt this shivering, excitement, joy and floatable during that time, I couldn't say any words except that I noticed this whopping smile on my face and without hesitation I said, "YES, I will marry you", (so easy"means "dali ra no?"dali-a ra no? (in just a minute)wa ra'y minuto ba ang (answer'means "tubag")tubag! naghuna-huna (think"huna-huna" means")ko oy, for just a few seconds

So as the times goes by, he planned and decided to come and visit me. So last October 2004, he came to the Philippines just to meet me and my family and of course to make his proposal a reality. At the Davao City Airport, I waited for him with anxiety, I was so eager to see him soon to see how he looks like in person, I was thrilled and excited! When the time he finally came out from the exit gate at the airport, I was amazed and got teary-eyed, I couldn't believe he was there, my heart beats so fast as he walks along towards me, he hugged me so tight as in for a few minutes, dugay dugay sad 'to ba and then he kissed me sa cheek ha! kamo jud! then, (nauwaw na hinoon sad ko gamay) means " i'm shy a litle' kay there's a lot of buzzes sa "palibot,"means" everywhere.. but the thing I noticed on that very moment is that he holds my hand so tight when we walked back to our (jeep)jeepney. I knew from that moment that I found the one I would spend the rest of my life with. This is real! This is not a dream that he was here!

Soon after, we went to the hotel where he asked me to marry him and my life begun that day. So we hugged so tight that it seems like it was the most wonderful moment of my life. So, October 20, 2004 we're officially engaged. Then, we went to our house and had our first dinner together,as well as with my family, and spent more time together, we joined a Marriage Counselling Seminar during this visit and we took some pictorials as well for our wedding montage. By last week of October, he has to go back home, the moment that I hate the most that made me so sad, I cried a lot during the night because I missed him so much because I came with him to Manila and by the next morning, I'll drop him off at the Ninoy International Airport for departure, but still I found myself cheerless and empty. After a day, we started chatting again, we talked a lot over the phone mostly everyday, and changing emails while I was pretty busy planning for our wedding soon.

By December 2004, the time has come, I went to Davao City Airport to pick him up and his dad and there's something happened during that day, they came later than I expected, they're not on the plane that he said they were on and even the time was not right neither, so I had so much fear in my heart, some anger, disappointment and uneasiness that he doesn't show up, I have lots of thoughts like what if he changed his mind, (means "many thoughts came in my mind) daghan nako og gihunahuna that time, and mainly about what if di (madayon akong kasal means "what if my wedding is off") no, (kauwaw ra gyud oy!means so shameful) So, I keep my tears from falling and went out and told my mom that we just went back home. At home, I was crying, bitter, and alone, I just put myself to sleep. After an hour of sleeping, my mom woke me up and said that Joel was on the phone, and they were on the hotel that I booked for them to stay. He was so worried that I wasn't there to pick them up, and he asked me if I were mad? [mad gud, sobra pa sa mad no! alangan kinsay di ma-mad intawon uroy!!means mad nope as in so mad whoever will be not so mad but i just pretended & say nope " ]But when I heard his voice, I just answered "no!" bakakon!"bakakon means liar " Well, I couldn't wait to see him though so I packed up my clothes and get ready to go to the hotel. And when I saw him, I was so happy, and I just hugged him. Also, I met his dad and everything seems so perfect. He's a nice person and he accepted me as warmth as I expected.

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