Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fil-am stories/leah/NEW YORK

We all have our own stories, we loved, we hated, we all have been hurt one way or another. In some ways we all have one thing in common, and that would be “ it could happen to you.”If I think about it, I never would have believed that an American guy from whom I've ‘met’ only few months ago in a site would come to Philippines for a week just to meet me! It was just about that time that I was finished with an 11 months relationship. Although everything was OK around me I felt a lack of someone in my life. I've decided ‘why not’ and out of curiosity I've placed a personal ad through a site when at first I find it funny website. I didn't have any specific ideas, basically I was curious to see who would respond to an ad like that since I've never met anyone before that on the Internet. Just for the sake of security I did put the sentence ‘im interested meeting people who are nice, respectful and god fearing’. The first message I received simply asked ‘I liked your profile. i was hoping we could chat?’ Since I was able to determine from the writer's address that he is from New York and I was interested in finding out about the country and the people who live there, I thought why not exchange emails with an American guy? That is how it began. His nickname was Dave and me was Leah the name meant the same thing as was his reason for choosing it. We continued to find many things in common as the e-mails went back and forth we were testing each other, getting to know one another and getting closer to each other. So much so that when he once jokingly mentioned that he was deadly in love with someone in the site where we met (he meant it as a joke because he was pertaining to me), my feelings became hurt. I thought he was just playing along and he wanted to break off our correspondence, that is, i was asking for time to think. By the time he won me back, I realized that this was serious. Anyway, I met this special man right there on the Internet. He was from Buffalo NY who work as US Officer. Somehow he was different from the other boys on the net. We talked a lot and it became obvious that we had a lot in common. We became more and more impressed with each other as the days and weeks went by. We ‘met’ almost on a daily basis in the chat and if that didn't work, then we wrote e-mails. It often happened that we thought of the same thing, we felt the common tie and that we are important to one another. Naturally, after a while we've exchanged pictures also and both of us liked the looks of the other. We've talked on the cell phone a few times and as a next step the situation had ripened to where we began to think we should meet in person. A month after he traveled to Philippines where he waited for me at the Heritage hotel. This was the first personal meet which; both of us are very excited. I really liked him and he seemed he like me too. It was terribly cold that day, so much so we gave each other’s a warm hug; we were so involved with each other. Our love grew each day and so we get married. We've not regretted anything. And I’m willing to move and to be with him forever! What I liked most about my husband, he truly listen to me, by sincerely understand my views. And not make me feel bad about any question I may ask. When he not agrees he explain why, so I understand. Dave has a good taste from clothes, perfume, shoes and he likes sports too. He is very friendly to everyone. Serious for a sensitive issue and yet has a funny humor. Also, he earn my trust so I feel safe with how his decision will be in best interest of our life together, and I will be true to obey his guidance.

Visit her site ........Leah Website
Visit her site.........Leah Website

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