Wednesday, October 21, 2009

it might be interesting 4 u

I can't remember w/c blog this is from but i copied it, pasted it in my notedpad. The same reason that i'm running out of time that moment. Today, i read it coz i want to clean up in my notepad and i was looking for my password in my friendster account. Please read it yourself coz i do believe in what she said...i hope i can find her blogs again.....

"I stumbled upon an old acquaintance’s Friendster profile and was surprised to see her flowing straight black hair, flawless skin, Apple laptop and who knows what else. Her travel pictures in Thailand and Singapore spell R-I-C-H.

But it also spell P-R-O-S-T-I.

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world and one of the most profitable perhaps. Have I had fewer morals than what I have now, it would have been the perfect job for me. Imagine never-ending days of pleasure, overflowing wine, sleeping in five star hotels with a butler (oh!), shopping in Zara, Guess and Nine West in exchange of spreading my legs wide anticipating the entrĂ©e of a Viagra-enhanced cock. A little use of imagination (perhaps I could think that it’s David Beckham who’s gonna fuck me) and it’s going to be perfect.


Oh, I can go with that motto forever.

I don’t have anything against prostitutes. Though, I would be a hypocrite in saying that it’s a dignified way to live, as well. There are times when I would envy them, especially when it comes to the shopping part (just go to Glorietta and you’ll know what I mean). Imho, the body is still sacred. Okay, okay, okay – I know this may sound surprising coming from someone who’s gotten laid a hundred times (I’m exaggerating, of course). But self-respect is something that’s hard to regain nowadays. And I guess, it’s easier to stomach the fact that I got laid because I wanted to and I was damn horny rather than saying that I got laid because I wanted to buy a new cellphone.

I know a few prostitutes or professional escorts, as what they’d rather call themselves. I once did a thesis on the subject and together with my male buddy went to Mystique in Quezon Ave.

It was an experience to be blamed for my bisexual tendencies. Women who were referred to as models complete with the model number, walked the walk with utmost confidence and struck poses in all their naked glories (or lack thereof). Some were too young, some looked like Japan rejects and some looked like they were better off working behind a counter in Jollibee.

I went to the restroom and was surprised that it serves as a dressing room for the models, too.

If I were a man, I would be the luckiest man alive then.

I was surrounded by almost naked women fighting over curling irons and blush-ons. It looked like a market place. They were cussing like crazy and no one bothered to make way for me so I can get to the cubicle.

I went back to our table and called it a night.

A few days after, the same friend asked me if I want to “apply” for Pegasus. Together with Liam, a 17 year-old FEU student cum part-time model we went to the girly bar.

I asked Liam why. She doesn’t look like she lived in a squatter’s area and couldn’t eat three times a day judging by the fact that she can still manage to buy colored contacts and a Folded and Hung denims.

“Easy money eh.”

She asked me back. I said I just wanted to try it out.

A few moments later, I found myself answering a bio-date type of questionnaire. Then we were interviewed - I told the HR personnel that I used to work as a salesclerk and that I am going back to college thus the need for money.

“Ahh, so after you finish do you plan in leaving this kind of job?”

Of course, I said. Either that or I find myself a rich benefactor. She gave out a laugh.

And then we had our final interview. I don’t know who he was but he is a guy in his 40s or 50s, he had his own office and he looked intimidating and scary. When it was my turn, I was asked to wear a skimpy outfit, almost sheer. Which I did, because he scared me. I was thinking, he would kiss me any moment but thank heavens he didn’t.

Then we were asked if we wanted to start that night. I said no for both me and Liam because we have classes the next day.

I then told Liam who I really am and offered to help her find a job. It’s not much compared to the 50k/month which Pegasus offered but it’s a noble way to live. She said she’d give it a try.

I was supposed to come with her for an interview at a friend’s call center but she never came.

Then my friend told me she’s now one of the Friday Night girls in Pegasus.

I felt bad.

After all I had a bad case of a girl crush on her.

I think it’s not the lack of choice that drives women to prostitution but them thinking that it is the best choice. They would often reason out – I’m doing this because I need to pay for my tuition, for my family, for the poor and the homeless citizens of the Philippines but really, most of them are doing it to live a comfortable life. They don’t want to be one of the millions struggling with fastfood jobs earning enough; they don’t wanna be a mere saleslady who can’t afford to have her hair rebonded. Most of them simply want to live a fabulous life which they simply can’t afford.

And believe me when I tell you that most prostitutes who say that they are students are in real life bums who gave up on their studies years ago.

I know because I found out Liam was never enrolled in FEU."

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oh really interesting allen.. thanks for sharing....

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