Saturday, March 7, 2009

A love Story of Clarriss'a!

BUT it was impossible coz I was working then in the evening as an entertainer here in Japan and when my husband proposed to me in the club, it was noisy! When he proposed to me, I said " What? I didn't hear you! " he said " kekkon shiyou "( a straight and simple marry me ) 3 times coz we're not hearing each other well. He proposed to me a week before finishing my contract for 6 months and decided to meet his parents. I met his parents but I didn't know that his Father is against a Filipina. After a long waiting of processing of papers, we became man and wife and then we went back again to his parents house and that's the only time I heard the truth that he is against me. Gees!! That time I was nervous because of that long silence between both parties.We are all sitted at a coffee table ( japanese stlyle ) me and my husband, and they're all facing in front of us. But my husband said to his Father that he's not asking for forgiveness for marrying a Filipina but he wants to introduce me that I am now his wife and whatever happens, it's his decision and responsibility. Even if his father is against of our marriage, my husband fighted for our love. After that, his father asked his wife to prepare a hotpot. While my Mother-In-Law is preparing the hotpot, she was crying-- she told me that hotpot is served during winter time, she said that it means that I am now accepted in the family because for them a HOTPOT is shared by family and that time it was summer and then we both cried.

I will wait for you down the aisles, Count each step and everystep, while you and I will be together, never to be parted forever and ever --- Yoshiyuki

I will walk to the altar to where you are, Smile to the world like a shining star, Take your hand as I have never done because you and I will be one. --- Clarissa

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NovaS said...

sweet.. nakilig jud ko magbasa-basa sa mga nice love story and end up into a happy ending..

ask ra ko sis, ug napadala na niom akong request? karong samples sa mary K?


anne said...

Nice story girl, girl moanhi man ka this may noh? napadala na ba nimo sa gihatag nako nga adress kay genny? I am thinking maybe it would be best na imo na lang i hand carry para kita ta dinhi sa davao just message me in my tag board if your here na para ma send nako akoa number ha? see you soon!

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