Monday, December 15, 2008

Pinay wives, Agree or not?

My hubby said i am his sexy wife. His filipina beautiful wife. He loved my flat nose (laugh). Are you planning on having a nose lifting as soon as you can afford it, to do so? Yes or No and why?

My hubby said that he loved my nose. He always kiss my nose, he said i had a very cute nose. He don't want a nose as pointed as him. Despite of how small my nose is he loved it so much. He said i had a very beautiful nose.

My hubby promised he will loved me even i will get bigger and fatter. Are you planning on having a surgery a laser maybe... like Lyposuction? Yes or No and why?

My hubby said that having a lyposuction is good. But he is thinking about my health too. I know that here in 'God Bless America" nothing is impossible if you want it. Though hubby said its nice but if i can help it not to become obese lol? But he had nothing against with it. Having a smart liposuction or laser something. But he said exercise is good for our body.

My hubby said that i had a very nice and beautiful long black hair? Are you going to change it to brown or blond maybe? and why?

My hubby said he loved my original long black hair. He said i have to asked him first if i need to cut it or color it. As much as he want it. He want to keep my hair long , shiny black hair. He loves to run his hand on my long shiny hair. He loved it so much (so proud).

My hubby said that i can speak well already in their language. Is your husband ? Agree or not and why?

My hubby said that i can speak and understand well. But i need more practice that's why i am studying English second language or ESL. But sometimes i feel kinda boring coz my classmates they didn't even know how to read and write of simple ABC (laughed). I love my teacher that's made my day. She loved to teach me. How to pronounce it well. Like sounds A E I O U . That's my big problem. How to sounds like are... but my teacher said just always made sure "Your Mouth is OPEN wide. When you speak? Ok.

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fendergirl said...

THATS my tag hehehe thanks a lot bsan naa mi fire ako jud gihuman hahaha.

gen2507 said...

hello Allen, wala na sila nanghatag karon ug yahoo messenger magnets, nag email raman to sila sa akoa oi tapos nangau ug address sa akoa unya gipadad an gyud ko nila ug yahoo messenger magnets oi.. hahaha.

Femikey said...

helo weng, gi post ko na yong tag na gi pass mo sa akin, nasa parenting journey ko.. hope you had great day happy blogging!

Bruce said...

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