Friday, November 28, 2008

#-4 Story of Rose I Korea I

Learning is a continuous process. It is like loving someone. We should never stop doing both. We can learn from our daily interaction with other people, from watching TV and from reading, we even learn from our small children, but the most important thing that we should learn is the lesson from our mistakes.
I was 28 years old when I graduated college which I thought I won't be able to achieve but through perseverance, hard work and spiced with faith in God, I made it. Although I already have a job, I still want to further my education so I can have a part time job like teaching one or two subjects in school.
Being the bread winner of the family I have to make more income so I'd be able to send my siblings to school. So i work on daytime and goes to school at night. There's no time for love sabi nga nila.
I was busy with my thesis writing (September 2002) when I met this guy from Asian Matchmaker site (Thank you very much Ruth). The student assistant in our office, Ms. Ruth Interno, told me to make a profile in that site but I just laughed and told her that I am so busy. She told me that she's gonna make me one and I said "Okay" thinking that she was just kidding but I was wrong. She really made me one and even posted a picture of me, so I went with the flow and added some description of myself there. On the last day of my free trial 7th day), I had this feeling that I have to check my account, so I did and sure enough there's one message waiting for me. It was like a frantic message saying "Please send me an email to this email add". So that's what I did and I learned that his free trial was expiring in minutes before he found my profile.
Four monthshad pass since our first meeting and he returned so we could get married. He arrived on the 30th of July. The next day we went to US Embassy in Manila to get an authorization to wed. We were so happy because he got it. We headed for the travel agent to get our airline tickets to Legazpi. John ran into the travel agent while I waited in a taxi.
While waiting for his return, I opened my cellphone was stunned by the messages I had received from my brother Rick. It felt like every bit of excitement and energy had left my body when I found out that MY FATHER HAD JUST PASSED AWAY. I didn't know what to say, I couldn't even open my mouth to utter a single word. Tears filled my eyes and began running down my face.
I was full of remorse during my father's wake, I regretted that I never told my father that I love him, that I appreciated everything that he did for us. I learned a lot of things when he died. I learned that we should never let hatred reign in our hearts for so long, that no matter what happens, we should always show our love to our parents/family while they're still around.
Despite of the tragedy, we still got married. My Mother said that it was what my father wanted. August 11, 2003 was when we first tied the knot (civil wedding in Donsol, Sorsogon), then we had our church wedding the next year (10-13-2004) in The Lady of the Gate Parish in Daraga, Albay. Our motif were the colors we're wearing when we first met, red and yellow.
I'm glad that I took the chance of giving us time to let our relationship blossom. I'm glad I didn't listen to the people who tried to discouraged me, who told me that "it won't work out", "that "it will just end up with tears". Now, when I look back on what I have gone through, I always thank God for giving me so much grace.
We've been married for five years now and our love is still growing stronger as each day passes. We we're blessed with two adorable and beautiful kids that we love dearly. One girl and one boy....exactly the outcome we had hoped and prayed for in our life together. Now I can say that my life is complete.
Happy Anniversary Hon! Thank you for being so loving everyday!

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