Sunday, November 23, 2008

#-3 Story of Flo-Watanabe

April 4, 2005 I met my husband in Singapore while I was having an affiliation. He was introduced by a friend. During our dates, he often tells me "I LIKE YOU". Then I kept asking him, you like me for what? Then I concluded that "liking" and "loving" is a different thing. I was waiting for the magic word "I LOVE YOU". But unfortunately, two months of getting to know each other we broke up or should I say, we lost communication. I heard he was busy therefore job is more of his priority than me. Out of the blue, I received a call from him. He is inviting for a dinner. Of course I want to see him again. After that night we become friends again. Days went through he is becoming more and more caring to me.

Each day I can feel the change in him. My heart was tickled. One night in a dinner date.... In the moment of silence "FLO, I LOVE YOU" with a tears in his eyes. I was stunt! It seems like the words penetrates into my heart. To me, that phrase is very pure and loyal. In my life, always I heard someone says I love you but no power and meaning.

He said "honey, before saying I love you is so heavy for me. I can’t say I love you because I didn't mean it, I didn't want you to expect that I really do. I don’t want to hurt you. But from today I can finally say those words because I really love you, those phase would mean I will be responsible for you, those phrase would mean I wont make you cry anymore, those phrase will remind me of a promise that I will make you happier each day."

That was the start of our sweet and loving relationship. Yet, I don't know what future awaits us. I asked God if Tomo is the guy destined for me. But I doubt if it is possible because the sign I have been praying since 1997 is related to my faith. By the way he is a Buddhist.

The sign I made was "if a guy will take me to the church and thank God for my presence in his life." He is the person I have been waiting for. The right man to whom I was destined to love for the rest of my life.

A rainy day of July 15, 2005, He suddenly told me “Today, I will take you to a different place which I haven’t taken you before. From a far I can see the cross of St. Bernadette Church. I prayed, I wish this guy will take me to church not in hotel. We continue walking getting nearer and nearer to the church. I thought we will just passed by and cross the street going Great World City then he started saying "Flo, this is the place I want to take you. I want to thank Your God" What??????? I'm trembling, my knees are getting weak. I can’t believe it will be possible? Then I started doubting God. Now the church is already close. How can my sign be done? Tomo saw an old man who is cleaning inside the church. He asked; can we still get in Sir? The old man said "I'm sorry but we are close" Then I begun to feel frustrated. The kind old man said "There is a prayer room upstairs, its open, two of you can pray there". 5 month of constantly visiting the church I have never known that there is a prayer room. Upon hearing that phrase I felt God truly hears my voice.

We enter the prayer room. Very silent, only two of us were there. The sound of the flowing water rejuvenates my soul. I saw Tomo knelt down and saying words in Japanese which I couldn't understand. He bowed many times and praying in his own language. At that moment I witness the greatest miracle of love. My tears couldn't stop from falling. I’ve asked him once again, what did you told my God? He answered; I want to say my appreciation to your God in my language. I told Him, thank you for giving me this lady beside me. I have been praying to my Buddha that one day I will meet someone whom I will love, take care and grow old with. I believe that you’re God and Buddha talked and destined both of us to be with each other.
I realize noting is impossible. Tomo asked me why am I crying then I explained to him that this moment is very significant. This moment reveals that you are God given to me. This day marks our engagement day (July 15, 2005). The day God revealed that Tomo is the man destined for me.

I went back to Philippines August 2005, two months later after I finished my Hospital affiliation in Manila and got my diploma he came. We planned to get married but due to his limited days of vacation the Church denied. My parents feel sad, because I'm going to live and be with Tomo without marriage. Being a mature and responsible guy, he sincerely sought my parent's permission and promised that he will be responsible for me. Together we back in Singapore, a month later 22nd November 2005 we got married in Civil Law of Singapore. A part of our pledge and the fulfillment of our sign, 28th July 2006 we are united in the Holy Matrimony in Philippines, same year 11th November 2006 after moving to Japan we got married again for the 3rd time in Traditional Japanese Wedding Ceremony.

God and Buddha are powerful. He showed me a miracle that I can never imagine. We came from a different race, different language, and different religion and belief. Sometimes it cross to our mind that only one is the sole Creator of our life. We have a mission in this world no matter how we differ but because of God and Buddha we are united as one.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Sweet! It's Japan's thanksgiving day. So I'm off yepey! Soon US will be celebrating its thanksgiving so enjoy your holiday. I'll be visiting you again during winter vacation. From tomorrow I'll be busy again in school. Hopefully I can visit you again after Christams. Advance Merry Christmas Sweety! mwaaah. Nice to see you today. Miss you!

faye said...

wowow ganda naman nakakakilig!! lol

Edelweiza said...

whatta great love magical...destiny has spoken..and the two Gods have made a pact.very inspiring. indeed, love is mysterious.:)

Allen's Darling said...

Yes, true love wait... and flo is blessed of a loving husband. I wish they're happiness always and beyond.

Cheers flo!

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