Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry # 2 - Story of Louwela

My name is Lowela my friends used to call me "Bai or Weng", I will start my story when i was a single Parents of my three little boys, I was separated on april 2002, First i was living in manila with my ex (father of my three kids). He doest have work , One of his sister married with a Japanse guy she is the one who supported us for our daily needs while his great job is drinking,smoking,outing with friends and come back home drunk. I know it is not too late to think about my kids future even though they are three and they are all boys, So i decided I'll bring my kids back to Davao City where my Parents live, I write a letter to his sister and explain about our setuation and she unsderstand me that way infact she give me allowance for transfortation plus she give me an extra money just incase , Then when my ex knows about it he was mad at me and i explain to him about what his doing and what happen to our kids if he didn't think bout to find job so he can support his kids needs specially thier education, On that time that were gonna leave with my kids he promise that his gonna find a permanent Job so he can support us and his gonna quit drinking and smoking and other stupid things he was doing with just don't want me and kids to leave but i told him i made my decition because he keep promising but seems to be worst, So i finally was arrived in Davao City, From that time that i was leaving in manila i did not hope that his gonna support my kids, Then after 6 months i recieved a call from my friend which is his cousin said that he has another girl and they are living together.That time I am not surprised cause i know he is irresposible, It's hurt and i blame my self that i fall inlove with the wrong person but i just think of that it is not too late to move on and start my life again atleast i have my kids with me and thats enough.

I need to accept that he is irresponsible father to my kids, So i just work and work and make my self busy and forget him. Lucky i have supportive parents who help me to take care of my kids while i am away for work Thats why my kids are very closed to my parents Until now, 'till i heard the news that Caregiver Study is in demand because it is 6 months study then you have opportunity to work in canada or in other country where they hired Caregivers Employee's, And i decided to Study as a Caregiver, But then one of my classmate inspired me to surf or search in internet and publish my profile in one of Dating site till i finish my Caregiver study i keep chatting hoping that i will found my soulmate who will accept me and my kids. but i am not lucky, Untill one day one of my friends was invited me to come to her house for a Party it was fiesta January 15, 2007, Then i went there with the other friends also, When we are there we start singing vedio karaoke just having fun and i was singing a song titled "From this moment on"by shania twain there was a foreign guy taking photos and motion pictures and Im kinda shy but i finsih the song follow the other song titled "Run away" by Whitney houston this time he was teasing me said "Before at the End of this year you will meet your whirlwind romance" and he laugh and i was laughing too eve though I am shy, Then he ask my name phone number and email address thats the biggining on our first meet, That was his 2nd visit to Davao City as a Rotary service Derictor he has project in Davao to put a water well drilling in one of Rural area in Davao City thats the part of his jod as a rotarian, When he come back to California we stay in touch through Phone calls,texting and chatting,'till he decide to fly back to philippines, He was arrived last July 5th 2007 and we stay at Grand Regal Hotel Davao City we spend our time together for 21 days.

When he come back to Califonia he was file K-1 visa for me a month later we recieved an approval after 4 months and half i recieved my appointment letter from manila consulate for my schedule of Medical and Interview, Last april 22nd i was arrived at LAX international airport, I was so nervous with teary eyes and i saw him waiting for me with the Red roses in his hand (hehe), Then last may 10th 2008 we decided to get married at fist Baptist church, we both catholic but since his friends is Pastor at that church and that pastor also was helping my K-1 paper work to get done so i choose him to performed in our wedding ceremony,I can't explain my feelings happy but Sad, Happy because i finally found the right man for me, Sad because my family specially my kids was not there to witness my happiest moment, But i accept it (thats life). We celebrate our honeymoon in Lasvegas, Now we are happy to start our lives together, Keep in touch to my family almost everyday i call them and talking trough internet. I am very much thankful that God send me a wonderful gift a man that i want to live with till the rest of my life, Even i have so many trials that i experience,

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Lowela said...

hi weng add napod nako tanan nimo nga blog ky nawala akong list ako man gus gi utro akong templetes haha,cge au au diha salamat sa post sa akong story ulaw ko dah,hahaha.

Allen's Darling said...

Hi Louwela

ANg ganda ng story mo i'm sure dami kang ma-inspire na mga single mom out akala nila hopeless na ang mundo dahil sa bigat ng kanilang pasan i salute your love story each of one has _ different kind of story in life. But were the same in finding true love in the midst of _nowhere to be found. True love comes along then. Kudos _ Louwela

bobbyboy said...

Very inspirational, thank you for sharing :)

(¯`·.I-sle-Deas.·´¯) said...

Hi tita Weng! Sorry po ha.. I have been very busy these past few weeks because I need my house in Bacao, Cabite to be finished soon eh to rent it out. I am having financial difficulty already for paying the monthly mortgage so, I need it done soon. I promise to finish this when I have nicer schedule. God bless po... :-)

Anonymous said...

hello po sa wakas po nagawa ko din yung aking story hehe hope ok lang thanks have great day

faye said...

wow,,,congrats louwela..
great...nakakaiyak yung umpisa parang cinderella hehe

Seno said...

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