Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sailing on the relationship: My Friend Was Being Abused on a Nightly Basis & I Had No Idea

This info is from my friend "Boboy" you can check out his blogs too, and i thought it might help those who is my avid fan readers in my blogs. I only post as possible my topic is all about women. Here is the story...

It is like a story book romance. You meet a man, maybe resist, yet he still pursues you. He just won't give up. Eventually, you give in. He's not like the other man you have meet. He really seems to be into you. You give him your number and he calls. He calls often and is really sweet. He listens to everything you say and is romantic. Everyone meets him talk about how charming he is. You often hear, "You are so lucky to have meet him."

The relationships progresses quickly. Next thing you know you are engaged, married and with child. He wants you to stay at home and the raise the baby. You have a home and a loving, caring, supportive what is wrong? It starts with his temper. Okay, he just really passionate and occasionally loses his cool. No big deal though, you just have to get better at not making him angry. Right?

You realize as long as you do what he wants, when and how he wants it the relationships is cool. That is not a bad exchange to have your prince charming, right? Now you are dependent on him because you do not have an income of your own. You have to ask for everything little thing. You feel more like a child than a spouse. If he's upset, you will get punished. The things is that usually after he has one of his 'fits', 'tantrums', 'emotionally episodes' or whatever you like to call it, he makes up by being really romantic.

He is also jealous. He checks the phone bill to scan all the incoming and outgoing calls. He checks your emails. He goes through your mail. He checks your wallet, goes through your belongings and always checking up on you. He doesn't want you dressing in certain outfits anymore. He may not just come out and tell you not to wear dresses anymore. He may volunteer to do the laundry and accidentally bleach your clothes. He may take you on a wonderful shopping spree and suggest what you need to wear.

The point of this, is that Domestic Abuse, is not the typical stereotype of a man that physically assaults his spouse. It usually starts and deals with physiological means of controlling an intimate partner. To the outside the relationship may look like a fairy tale, but behind closed doors you may be living a nightmare.

National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224


Sailing on the relationSHIP: My Friend Was Being Abused on a Nightly Basis & I Had No Idea


bobbyboy said...

Thank you so much for re-posting this to your blog! As much information as possible needs to get out so that maybe domestic violence can be put where it belongs; in the trash can!


Allen's Darling said...

Yes, Boboy

It's a girls power.They have to voice out.Go out and tell the whole world that they are mentally abused. Even it is not physically but mentally abused is more difficult to deal with now a days.I pity those women who experienced a problem like this.Me.,If it happen to me...i won't hesitate to ask help with this organization against violence.


Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting din sa blogs ko
pero pano ko isesend sau yung love story ko hehe have a nice day po

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