Friday, September 5, 2008

To the writer

To the writer:
Coming here is not an easy way out. Leaving your real family behind, is not an easy thing to do. I had a very loving family and a successful career, back home. It's always "Home Sweet Home", you know that, for sure.
Oh come on, you forgot that you're also a Pinay? Don't you see the real beauty of Filipinas? Well, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". I'm not conceited, i'm just telling you the truth that many people told me i'm pretty, with nice smooth tanned skin. Such comments makes me feel confident, and feel nice about myself. And most of all, i'm proud telling them that it's my typical Filipina complexion, aren't you proud of your Pinay beauty?
You are not intitled to judge anybody. It's none of you business to dig on other peoples private lives. Have you tried to think about how many wrongdoings you did versus the rights? Maybe you haven't found somebody who loved you so much. Beware, that's one sign of jealousy and envy.
Yes, Americans don't care about anybody's past. What they care about is "who you are, and not what you are". You know what?, a person who cannot live the past behind, has a personality problem. I think you are one of those.
Wow! "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". Yes, I love the USA as much as i love the Philippines. My father even, defended these 2 countries years ago. I'm so proud of that also.
Of course we all need to work here to earn a living. This is not a place for dependent people. I always work my way, never ever asked money from my parents, vice-versa. You know what, when you talk, as if you're not a real Filipina. Does it mean that most Americans are more knowledgeable than you when it comes to family ties among Filipino culture? (how shameful). It is inherent in us Pinoys that if somebody in our family needs something, we cannot turn our back from them, even if they don't ask. So, when these Americans married Pinays, most of them already know that they're also marrying the whole family? Why make it your problem?
Whew! You have a lot to ask to yourself, lady. Haven't you feel important? Well, I do. My husband always tell me that he loves me. And that's great!
What's the problem with that? That is normal! How in the world can somebody just fall in love with somebody in just a tick of a clock? There's no such thing as "love at first sight", my dear. That is, if you define the true meaning of love.
Hahahaha...if God permits, I also wanted to have a kid with my hubby. I'm quite sure, if she'll be a girl, she can be a contestant for Bb.Pilipinas, isn't it cute? You are judging, but not a good one. Try to look around you, who's prettier, isn't it that kids with mixed Pinoy blood?
Here's to all my fellow Pinay-Ams wives:
Let's do everything to maintain our dignity and good reputation as Filipinos. Our life life here is not perfect, although it's a lot better than when we were in the Philippines. What's important is that, we are here to be with the man God prepared for us to be our lifetime partner. To love and be loved. God gave us that gift of Love that we need to treasure forever.
God bless...I love you all!
Ate Odette

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