Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just an opinion

Dear Ate Odette,

Thank you so much for your opinion.And thank you also because you allowed me to posted it here.Once again Ate,Thank you so much.

Allen's darling

Dear Wing,
How's your day? I went to your website this morning (sorry for not visiting it for months...busy kasi ate mo!). But anyway, something that you posted last month which was intitled "10 Reasons Why SOME Filipinas Marry an Americans", written by a Filipina, caught my interest.
I should say that the writer believed that she's correct in everything she wrote. Everybody is intitled to our own opinions, right? Sometimes, we experience mixed emotions when we read something that we don't agree. To be honest with you, when i read it, i felt i wanted to shout at her face that i am not the kind of Filipina she mentioned. But later, when i regained my composure, i realized, she's right in SOME angles. It's hard to admit, but we have to face the reality. If we are not one of those Filipinas she mentioned, ( I am quite sure, I am not one of those), then we need to be proud of ourselves. We are all imperfect who married imperfect individuals and live in this imperfect world. This writer sounds she's angry at the world.

Read More.... To the writer.


Patwela said...

hi wing musta na? add ko sa imong uban nga blog hehe,lako kabalo sa uban na link sa imong blog isa ra akong na add, gai ko sa imong uban na blog ky ako add kana jud tanan.hehe cge au

melstephens said...

Hi girl, I have that tag too. we talk about the writer,were thinking about is the writer a girl or a boy, or either american or a filipino or fil-am. some of the statement is true but some are not.
by the way I have tag for you just grab it in my site. and pls leave me a message. thanks

Foreign-Marriages said...

Hi, i don't know either

Because i just saw that in one of my group.Maybe,she's a pinay.

Thanks i will grab it later...

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