Monday, August 11, 2008

Princess Love Story

I met J (my husband) through the connivance of my brother-in-law who was then engaged to my elder sister. My brother-in-law asked for my email address thinking that he will add me on his Yahoo! Messenger. But, the other way around it turned out differently and I did not have any clues what he did to my e-mail add, but the next couple of days the budding of fate unfurled along the way.

It was on September 14, 2004 when I got a message from a guy I do not know. At that time, I was about to finished my Nursing Licensure Exam Review in the Philippines. I came home and I was jubilant, but when I opened my inbox there was this message waiting for me that absolutely blown me away. It goes like this, "Hi Princess, I hope this is your email address. I wanted to write you and let you know that I probably won't be around tonight to chat because I am helping M do some stuff for work. But I am still thinking of you and when we talk next I'll tell you about my dreams last night! Anyway, I hope your studying is going well. Talk to you soon, J". I was skeptical at first who this guy was, so I emailed him back and later on we were exchanging e-mails. Naturally, that is how it began. We started typing on IM and one thing lead to another. There were many interesting things happened to me since I knew him online. I do not have any hints as to what he looked like and what were his intentions for me. We were just simply exchanging emails and doing online chat on a daily basis for about an hour or two. We talked a lot and it became obvious that we had a lot in common. We became more and more impressed with each other as the days and weeks went by. We put all our thoughts into e-mails and IM since that was less expensive and more effective for us. Because of time differences, we have had situations like when he went to bed when I was waking, or when we talked he was getting ready to sleep, but we were still on the line. If we could not make it online, then we wrote e-mails about anything. It often happened that we thought of the same things, we felt with common tie and that we are important to one another.

We tried to give as much as possible our real selves and a taste of our real existence. One day, he told me that he will be coming over to the Philippines 3 months after we crossed our path. The much awaited meeting happened when we finally met each other in person on the 16th of December 2004. I was in cloud nine at that time. It was an ecstatic feeling I should say. The moment I saw him going out from the domestic airport I felt there were butterflies in my stomach, nervous and yet excited. I have not felt like this ever since, not until when I met and saw J approaching me. He was smiling from a distance and his smile captivated me. We reached each other and we stood in an embrace for a long time. I was filled with a wonderful sense of calm and happiness after finally seeing each other. During his visit, we learned many things about each other and we enjoyed every moment we spent together. It was surreal! We had experienced beautiful and unforgettable moments that will be forever treasured in our hearts. Our love travels the distance both in time and miles and our love for each other still grows stronger everyday. God is really great because He knows what our hearts desired. He provided a way to bind us for lifetime happiness and never failed to lead us to our destiny. We are going 4 years on September, since then and every moment had been filled with nothing but happiness. We are very much in love with each other. J is my first and my last love. I was hoping that somewhere who knows where; there is a man who is waiting just for me and I have found him.

Written by princess


Princess said...

ate wheng, thanks! 2nd batch pa pala ako. are we included in the 1st batch voting ba? next time nalang me campaign pag turn ko na, ehehe

Foreign-Marriages said...

hi princess your welcome. Voting start on Aug.26,2008. See yah!

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