Saturday, July 12, 2008

Virtual Love by dear flo

I’m not saying that virtual love couples are not ideal couples. In fact, I have met many here which made to realize that Virtual love is God-made idea created my human to meet their true love no matter how big the world is. For those who finished college and or worked in any decent profession in the Philippine is an exemption to this however to those female who thinks I don't need a diploma to go to aboard because marrying this foreigner online will lead me to my American dream duh I pity for you men. I just noticed that foreigners who were into virtual love are mostly divorced and with kids out of previous marriage. I’m just wondering that marrying someone in the net might be more understanding of your situation than finding your love in reality.

One of my classmates told me that Filipinos who were in online dating/chat are;

*the "leftovers" thus they failed to succeed marrying the guy in their dreams in-person so their last option is the virtual love

*most of this female are 2nd hand- means they had a children from the previous relationship they cannot marry same nationality because its a taboo on our culture aside from that Filipino guy cannot afford support their kids. I bow to foreigner who loves to do charity hehehe.

*They are females who are not interested in getting degree rather they dream to be instant millionaire by mere sitting on the internet café and wait until foreigner catch their attention.

I was deeply hurt of what he said but I can’t blame him for he experienced it. For the foreigners who are looking for Filipina fiancée. Are you ready to support and embrace not just we but also our family in the Philippines? Filipinas might not be that frank like Caucasian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese girls in terms of monetary support but inside marriage they might regret not telling you “Please support my family too”.

To Filipina mind marrying foreigner is one of the answers to escape our dying country, an avenue to succeed in career when we get to the foreign land, a dream of having a prefect combination of mix genes and a haven to meet soul mate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there's nothing wrong in virtual love. With so many people using the internet, chances are great to find your mate, provided please use your common sense, a lot of patience and willingness to take a budding online relationship into the real word. If you feel comfortable with the Internet and online dating/chat, the world is literally your own little oyster. Go out and find the pearl you are seeking.

write by dear Flo
Virtual Love


Russian Women said...

Unfortunately you are absolutely right concerning online dating. I can tell about Russian or Ukrainian women. They are also looking for a foreign husband just because they don't want to take the challenge in this life themselves. A marriage of convenience is a perfect solution for them, but I see it as a hidden prostitution.

Anonymous said...

I can say that whoever you are, you are just one of those women who happen to be frustrated... why? you felt bad because you couldn't find your true love. so you bad mouth these women.

you're such a loser!

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