Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pinays (or filipina) for export ..

Airing on August 5, 2008
Tuesday night after Saksi

Reporter's Notebook 4th Anniversary Special

Almost everywhere in the country, stories of women falling victim to sex trafficking is becoming more and more common. These Filipinas are usually promised decent employment but end up entangled in the flesh trade.

Be it within or outside the country, the problem seems to worsen, earning the Philippines the infamous reputation of being one of the primary sources of trafficked women in the world.

For its fourth anniversary special, Reporter's Notebook will trace the roots of what has become an industry of exporting and exploiting Filipinas around Asia. The report will follow the trail that these trafficked Filipinas take.

In Southern Philippines lies Zamboanga City, one of the most common exit points used to traffic Filipinas out of the country. From this province Maki Pulido follows the route that illegally recruited Filipinas take to go to Malaysia where she investigates the situation of Filipino women that have fallen victim to this crime. They will uncover the real condition of trafficked Filipinas in three areas where such cases are reportedly common: Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, and Labuan.

Meanwhile, from NAIA in Manila, Jiggy Manicad starts his journey to Hong Kong, one of the most popular destinations of Filipina OFWs. He listens to their bitter experiences and follows their story all the way to Macau, where Filipinas are said to escape when their visas in Hong Kong expire.

Don't miss "Pinays for Export: The Asian Sex Trafficking Trail" this Tuesday, August 5, after Saksi.

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JeFf & NoVa said...

i do hope that i can watch it uy.. sa pinoychannel nlng ko ani tanaw reply permi.. pero sige lang i'm curious about this, daghan jud pinay ba nga mahulog og sex slaves ug ang uban pud mao nlng ang ginapangita kay dali ug dako pud ang makita... naluoy jud ko nila ba...

naa diay koy tag nimo allen, check lang sa akong payag if you have time.. mao ning link:

happy weekend...

anne bianca said...

gurl naa ko tag nimo, hope u will grabe it..

Liudmila said...

Seems our countries have many points in common. Unfortunatelly. Maybe it's for years of bad propaganda that the women are so easy to convinct to do these things.

teah said...

to our government,i hope this some details that i shared hope you gave some action of it before it makes late...please help some filipina whos victim in illegal laki ng utang nila kahit paso n passport nila hindi parin cla pinapauwi,they make the flying passport at un ay labag sa batas.baboy turing nila s pilipnang nandito,kinukulong sa umaga,pag walang booking,libro kung tawagin nila,hindi nila makikita ang araw dahil sa gbi lang cla pinapalabas....sana magkaroon cla ng kunting pag asang makauwi at un ay sa tulong ng ating gobyerno,parating chking nga,wala namang nagyayari dahil nababayaran ung mag nanghuhuli,kaya wala ding mangyayari.sana bigyan neo nang kahit kunting tulong makalabas lang sila sa madilim nilang mundo..

Filipina Stories said...

Hi Thea thats very sad. You can share w/us your story then i will help you thru posting lots of people reading now on internet these days. Thanks for sharing w/ us here i'll pray for them. Tell them its not the end of the world. don't forget god jesus christ his the answer in everthing please never left him in times like these hang on your faith in him. Everything has a reason. I will pray for them thea

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