Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogroll Update...

My dear co-bloggers please let me know if ever i miss your links in my paged. I will put all of you in my bloggroll one by one because its time to re-organize again my links. I can't see my link in their page ( i don't know why? ), maybe they forget to update it! or i don't know...but, we all know theres a reason behind in every episodes (laugh). Sometimes we forget , laugh, sometimes we remember and sometimes hayzz confused....just like me. I remember that its time for me to update again and visit one by one, one plus one equals two...hayzz each of you out there dear co-bloggers.So so so sOrry! sorry is not enough. SOrry also sometimes i forgot your tag
(actually i intend to do it!) Laughing so loud! just kidding..though i did forget, lately i am absent absentminded because of so many things happening in my life.(thats the truth, honestly ) Now i intend to,to pay a visit once in a while in your paged.Because you never pay me a visit too ( wink ) so start today i will surprise ( Surprise ) visit each of you dear co-bloggers.


If? you visit my blog everyday please leave me a comments so that i will know...you know i will never return your comments anyway. ( Joke!!! ) so that i could visit also in your blog. (wink )


Mayet said...

hi just visiting and pls vote for my baby Karen in the cutie child contest you can check her pix in my site, thanks.

mario banderas said...

hi, thanks for visiting my site, sure we can xlink.. tell me when you already added me. :)

Shebadoo said...

I added you to my blogroll. Can you add me to yours, too? Thanks!


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