Monday, February 4, 2008

Mary n Len Love Story

Mary n Len Love Story

"try is a good way to start life"

It was started beginning year 2005 month of October. the 2nd when i gotta received a mailed coming to a wonderful man on earth which i thought it didn't existed for some reason that might be he was just like anybody. Before so i was being part of every dating site but unfortunately nobody caught up my attention yet, till he came upon and we started having a good conversation right then, yeah exchanging some mails, talking via chat , sending messages tru text are already part of those unsure relationship. There was a single thought played on my mind that how could I be so sure of this when i knew i've undergone a lot of pains and same process of meeting a guy hereon and later month after then things doesn't work out that good and we found out that everything is just a game...(so frustrating yeah)....But on the other side i felt someone is pushing me up to try..ha ha ha...which i mean not to desperately felt affected for whatever the outcomes happen for as long as i did the try. yeah until about 4-mos. passed everything works out good between us and still hoping that this is now that last hopes that i used to have, yea since that i badly need someone to found the right man and every each passing day it seems like a millions of happiness n memories that played out inside my mind. So then after 4-mos., we started having a deep conversation since we felt so right to each and decided to meet right then in was so nice the feeling after all the waiting process he flew over to meet me after all then. Isn't good? yea so much perfectly happen in the right time dated 18th of february early year 2006 at around 10:45am met him over at Mactan airport just by myself, no one accompanied me over coz i want to be secretive by that time and for whatever happen either negatively or not nobody would felt such bad other than me, and then so amazingly i felt so real calm, comfortable and so easy to carry the words when i truly met him and seems like we've known for so long, it was just maybe if that person really meant to be yours and destined to be each everything falls into right, yeah by this time we able to get to know more each right in person other than just depending XYZ lone which sounds good yea but it do needs also an appropriate time of getting to know each other better, which u can truly know how to adjust the differences in dealing things....but for 2weeks of stayed was already meant a lot to us, lot of things happened already and we got to know more each other better than before...yea coz in person theres a lot that u need to find out that u can't detect only through just talking via chat or whatever communication is, and we got all succeed in everything so at last i could now say that i made the right decision to choose after all the long process of waiting, to make the long story short after him been in Philippines for first time since then we got the strongest feelings ever to felt, such amazingly how things work out good without trying to force coz it was just happened naturally between us, no people is involved. Secondly have to wait for 4mos again till we could meet back again as it need some cash to used for, yea it wasn't that easy though coz have to earn and sacrifice only to continue but what is behind is more worth to have. We still keep on goin things such as mailing each other more often just to relieved the pain, sending messages tru text every each day are worthed to received, and talking via chat everyday is everything yeah coz in spite of the distance apart we can manage to handle anyway as if it seems like were here each day. It was such a great help really to strengthen out things especially when love is concern, thanks for advance technology nowadays...ok now at it is time comes out in the middle of sacrifice....dated 5th early in July this year 2006 for the second time around we met back in each other arms again, still going stronger the love is..

Thanks i was inspired by your truly god bless gift from god...congratulations len,your words is very much inspiring to all the readers out there...

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