Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally,he was there waiting

Things got serious between us after two months of constant chatting on the MSN messenger, we send each other emails everyday and when I get home from work,I use the computer at home talking to him or sending him emails. I found myself falling for him even if he was, during that time, too good to be true. I always have emails from him everyday -- cute emails, naughty emails, sweet emails. He calls me his "little deer" because I have doe eyes and I call him my big bear because he's so tall and a bit heavy. I always get post cards from him every week. He was very patient when it comes to sending me letters, cards and post cards snail mail. I know it's out of the ordinary, but he asked me to Marry him in July 2006. through email. And guess what? I said yes also by sending him an email. He wanted me to apply for a visitor's visa for me to come and visit him in California. but I told him there's a fat chance that the US embassy will give me a tourist visa because I have no strong ties to the Philippines. He decided to come see in January 2007.
We spent nine days together in Manila. he met my family, my colleagues at work and my friends. He bought an engagement ring and he informed my parents that he wanted to marry me. He also informed them that he wanted to file a petition for fiancee visa for me because it was fastest way he can bring me to the United States. Spending nine days with him was one of the happiest days in my life. He brought with him all the paperworks for the fiancee visa petition and as soon as he came back to the United States, he started filing the petition. From the time he left Manila and from the time my visa was approved, things didn't change between us. He still continued sending me post cards and love letters. After almost seven months of waiting, I found myself getting on the plane going Sto an Francisco International Airport. Even if the Philippine Airlines Staff gave me a little problem boarding the plane, even if I was calling him from the airport telling him of my little problem with the PAL staff, he was there monitoring the flight and finally, he was there waiting for me at the airport when my flight arrived in San Francisco. Three days after I arrived, we went to see his family in LA. This is my love story.

-Story of Marie

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